Welcome to the world of Infinite Romance!

The Blood Feud surrounds a complex network of shifters and gifted humans trying to find a way to exist together without extinguishing their true nature.  Their adventures are filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, suspense, action, and of course….really, really hot sex!

We are so excited to finally be able to write our stories and, at the same time, live out a few fantasies of our own!  I mean come on…what woman wouldn’t want a hot, muscled, devoted, shapeshifter to put his life on the line for them in a battle against evil and then turn around and give them a night of pleasure only a lobotomy could remove from their mind!

The one thing we truly enjoy is researching locations for our stories.  We have spent time in the Pacific Northwest and also in New Orleans checking out the culture, the environment, and what makes these places so damn special.  We are planning our second trip this year to scout out locations for Tre and Alyse’s story ~ Infinite Desire (#3).

Please stick with us through our journey into the world of the Coteri, the Valta, and a few very special humans that will make you want to scour the streets of your own town trying to find a shifter of your own!  Our second manuscript, Infinite Surrender, is in the works and we can’t wait to bring Chloe and Talon’s story to life. Thank you again for visiting and enjoy the pics and playlists!