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What a morning!

Woke up and discovered that Robyn and I have been nominated in five catagories for the Authors After Dark 2012 Bookie Awards!!


*  E-book only book of the year

*  Best non-wolf shifter novel

*  Best World Building

*  Best Cover

*  Debut Author of the Year



Please take a sec and go vote for Infinite Betrayal!



Romance Book Craze


Romance Book Craze ~ Review/Infinite Betrayal

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie have teamed up to write this fabulous new series. The first book is called INFINITE BETRAYAL and is amazing.


Well, our dreams came true…..our prayers answered…


We received the following review from RT:



Infinite Betrayal

Gayle Donnelly & Robyn Mackenzie

4 1/2 HOT

The Infinity series gets off to a great start with remarkable worldbuilding and a gripping plot that leaves you eager for book two. The Coteri shifters are introduced, as well as a worthy adversary and appealing secondary characters. Although Mina and Mathias burn up the pages, this is very much her journey.
SUMMARY: When Mina’s mother dies unexpectedly, she leaves evidence that Mina’s father is still alive. Determined to unravel the mystery, Mina travels to the remote town in Germany where he is supposed to be living. She meets an emissary designated to take her to her father. Mathias would make any sacrifice for his master’s daughter, but once he sees Mina the attraction is immediate and stirs his inner beast. It’s only when their enemies strike that he is unable to hide his secrets. But in the heat of battle, Mina has a few surprises of her own. ( , dl $6.10)


Infinite Betrayal by Galye Donnely and Robyn Mackenzie



Title: Infinite Betrayal

Author: Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie
Release Date: 3/21/11
Genre: Paranormal/Shape-shifter
Format: Ebook

Pages: Word Count: 107360
Series: book 1 in The Infinity series.
Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
Posted: August 25, 2011
Reviewer: Barb
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat Level: I


The Coteri Race has existed in both the human and animal world for centuries
with the purpose to keep peace between nature, earth, and man. There is only one rule they must never break: humans are never to know of their existence.

When Mina Roarke’s mother dies suddenly, Mina is devastated. Never knowing her father given that he died shortly around the time of her birth, she was truly alone. Mina learned early on that the subject of her father only brought her mother great sadness. In view of the fact she never knew him, it didn’t really matter who he was or where he was from. So, Mina stopped asking questions… until she discovers what will begin a journey that there can be no turning back from.

She stumbles upon a chest buried deep inside her mother’s closet full of letters
from Germany addressed to her mother from a man thought long dead, her father. The last one dated just a few shorts weeks before her mother’s death. All of the letters are very carefully worded to give away no details with only the letter R
as a signature. Mina’s world is suddenly turned upside down. And with nothing
left to lose and more questions than answers, Mina decides it’s a good time to
vacation in Germany.

When Roderick, the King of the Coteri Race, finds out Mina is in Germany, he fears the secret of his having a hybrid daughter will be discovered by his enemies,
the Valta. So he sends his most trusted General, Mathias, to ensure her safety.
Mathias orders are to protect her and to keep the secrets about her father (as well as her)true identity until Roderick can explain everything to her himself.

Mina discovers very quickly to be careful what she wishes for when a mysterious man shows up, informing her that he works for her father and has been sent to bring her to meet him. The wind is knocked out of her.

Mina is instantly drawn to the tall-and-dangerously-handsome general. With only a letter to confirm Mathias is who he says he is the only other information the letter reveals is her father’s name. Confused and mad that daddy dearest has
sent one of his employees instead of having the decency to come himself makes
her even more upset. Mina chokes down the dose of reality. Mina has only her
gut instinct to trust. She isn’t about to let go of the only lead she has to her father’s identity and finally finding out why her mother kept his existence a secret. Throw in the fact Mina is feeling some very mind-blowing desires for
Mathias, making it hard for her to think straight, and it’s obvious why she
decides to go with Mathias. And she isn’t alone. Mathias also seems unable to
fight his attraction to her. And as his hunger for her grows stronger, his will to keep himself and his beast from possessing Mina weakens. WhenMathias finally acts on these feelings, the consequences bring more than just
satisfied passions.

Mathias and Mina, aided by a few of Mathias comrades, begin the trek to unite daughter with father. Extreme urgency takes precedence when it becomes clear that the Valta, enemies of the Coteri, are trying to capture Mina and are getting precariously close to doing so.


Infinite Betrayal by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie grabbed me right away. I loved the attraction between Mathias and Mina and the sexual tension as it builds to atomic proportions. The sexual scenes are very sensual as the hero and heroine give into their passions for each other. The twists and turns as Mina
discovers not only who her father is, but also the part she plays will have you
on the edge of your seat.

There are enough subplots to keep the reader riveted through the revelation of each
layer of secrets. Mathias and Mina’s characters both have personalities that
will quickly capture the reader’s heart. I especially liked the camaraderie between Mathias and his men even though it is clear these men have great respect for him. They are not afraid to let their General know how they feel when he’s about to cross a line. Yet, his men are sure to have his back no matter what. Even during times when all of their lives are in danger, the back and forth banter between them is filled with well-placed wise cracks that help ease the tension and bring things back into focus.

I can’t wait to find out more about some of the other luscious characters
introduced in this first book that is sure to be a very exciting series. What
else does this author duo have in store for us in this exciting world of shifters?

Most definitely, I want to learn more about the Coteri Race!