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Let me just start off by saying…I loved this book!!

Infinite Betrayal introduces us to the world of the Coteri, a very unique race of shape shifters and the Valta which is headed by Valencia, the enemy of Roderick and the Coteri.

The book starts off with Mina morning the loss of her mother and trying to cope with her death. Mina feels alone because her mother was the only family she had being that her mother had told her father had died when she was a baby. Her best friend Chloe is the only person she has left.

While going through her mother’s possessions, Mina finds a box that contains letters of correspondence from her mother and a man that is supposedly her father and finds out that her father is very much alive and living in Germany. Struggling with the decision of going to Germany and finding her father, Chloe finally convinces Mina to take the journey.

Enter Mathias (yummy, yummy Mathias). Mathias is the general of Coteri Kingdom and King Roderick’s most trusted warrior. Mathias is given the task of watching over Mina until Roderick (Mina’s father) tells him it’s safe to bring her to the kingdom. Mathias is instantly attracted to Mina and tries to ignore the feelings and emotions that are arising between the two, because it is forbidden for any Coteri to mate with humans. But as they both give in to their feelings for each other, Mina learns the truth of her existence, her father’s reason for leaving and the many betrayals of the people that Mina loved and trusted most.

This book is filled with adrenaline packed action, smokin’ hot love scenes and a new spin on shape shifters. I quickly fell in love with the unique characters and the world of the Coteri. I loved the secondary characters as well. Chloe, Roderick, Tremayne (Tre) and Talon are funny, lovable and honorable. Talon’s books will be the second book in this series and I cannot wait!!!

Gayle and Robyn have created an amazing world and I am looking forward to much more from this series!!

I give Infinite Betrayal – 5 STARS