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INFINITE BETRAYAL by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie

Infinite Betrayal by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie
The Infinity, Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal/ Shapeshifter
ISBN: 978-1-59578-810-8
Reviewed by Jo

Feeling lost since the death of her mother, Mina Roarke isn’t sure what to do with her life. Even her best friend is leaving for a new job in a new state. That is until Mina discovers letters from a father she believed to be dead, and learns he is alive and living in Germany. Prompted by her curiosity and her best friend, Mina decides to make the journey to Germany and maybe find the man who wrote all the letters.

Mathias de Bounevialle is one of the top warriors of The Coteri and has been assigned to watch over Mina. When he was given this assignment, he found out why Mina was so important to his King. It doesn’t take long before Mathias finds out that Mina is just as important to him for a totally different reason. Knowing the honor that was given to him by the King to protect Mina and deliver her safely, Mathias tries to ignore the passion that has built up between them. Besides, Mathias has had to keep quiet about what how she fits into their society. But fate seems to have other ideas for Mathias and Mina.

Mina was surprised to discover her father sent Mathias and even more surprised by the intense attraction that flared up so fast. But passion isn’t the only thing that has flared up; the same deadly danger is not focused on Mina. Suddenly Mina learns of a new race she is part of and her father is their ruler. Upset at the secrets that have been kept from her for so long, Mina and Mathias make a couple of tiny mistakes that could end not only their budding passion but also their very lives. A life and death battle will determine everyone’s future – when the morning comes will there be a future for Mina and Mathias?

When everything you have ever known is a lie, whom can you trust? Mina’s entire life will be turned upside down and shook up in Infinite Betrayal. The entire conspiracy that surrounded Mina had me upset for her until I discovered the love that was behind it. While I did see why Mathias kept silent, he made up for it by proving his love for Mina when it counted. I loved watching Mina and Mathias discover each other’s love. However, a lot of hurt feelings could have been avoided to my thinking if open conversation had happened a bit sooner. I absolutely loved how Mathias risked everything to find and save Mina in the end and how her father also proved his lifetime love and protection with his actions. Infinite Betrayal is the best type of suspense, one with love and passion more than tipping the scales for a happy ever after.

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JERR Review

Gold Star Review!

Title: Infinite Betrayal
Author: Robyn Mackenzie and Gayle Donnelly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell
Rating: Gold Star Award
Heat Level: O

Mina Roarke didn’t know her father was still alive until after her mothers death. Traveling to Germany in her search for her last surviving parent she is met by Mathias, her father’s trusted general and her protector. Mina is unaware of her royal heritage and that she is a unique Coteri/human hybrid. The Coteri are an ancient race of shape shifters currently embroiled in a deadly civil war. Mathias knows it is madness to lust after the king’s only child, but from the moment of their meeting Mathias knows she is his mate. With so many obstacles in their path, Mathias despairs of a future with Mina, and perhaps any future at all.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Infinite Betrayal is just the epitome of what a series premier should be. The heroine, Mina, was strong but vulnerable. She was somebody I definitely would want to be friends with. She drank Crown Royal, smoked Marlboro menthols, practiced martial arts, could string together a decent curse and loved Dolce and Gabbana. I could seriously go bi for this girl. The hero, Mathias, was super hot and seriously packing. He was dominant and protective, but worshipped the ground Mina walked on. These two together had some screamingly wild monkey sex. There was biting and clothes ripping, along with some tender moments, but it was never bland. The story not only held my interest but left me panting for more. This is going to be one of those addictive series, where I haunt the book stores and web sites looking for a Coteri fix. I’m already in panic mode trying to figure out if Chloe, Mina’s BFF and sister to Mathias, will end up with Talon or Killian. The roster of delightful and lust inducing secondary characters in this book was a lengthy one. The villainous duo of Valencia and her hybrid son Luca were especially evil, and Luca is a sexual sadist that has major mommy issues. The bantering dialogue between the Coteri soldiers is smart, funny and totally something I would expect to hear on any military base. I see why this book was a collaboration between Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie. There is twice as much wonderful imagination inside their heads! This is just a phenomenal new find and I’m so glad it was written! You must add Infinate Betrayal to your library. For all these reasons I feel Infinite Betrayal deserves a Gold Star Award.

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We started off the day early by arriving at the airport at 5:30 am in Tulsa and landed in Cincinnati at 3:30 that afternoon.  After checking into the hotel, the first person we saw was Moni Draper…the woman who accepted our book with Liquid Silver books last year at the same con.  If it wasn’t for her, we would not be living our dream.  Thank you Moni!

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