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We are still in the process of getting our book professionally reviewed BUT honestly, as readers ourselves, we love READER reviews because YOU are the one that decided to spend your time and money on our story and YOUR opinion TRULY matters!

Please feel free to post your feedback of Infinite Betrayal or shooting us an email letting us know what you thought of the story!

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You can now purchase your own copy of Infinite Betrayal from Liquid Silver Books! 

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Well……exciting things are happening!  We have finished our final edits and have ordered our SWAG.  The bookmarks are gorgeous and I just finished doing the postcards.  Now, we have to tackle the daunting task of getting the book done in printed form for Lori Foster’s Reader/Writer event as well as Authors After Dark. 

Take a look…….


In a fateful ride from the Cincinnati airport to the Lori Foster Reader/Writer event in 2010, Robyn and I met writer, Desiree Holt. We loved her instantly and could not have met a more wonderful woman to spend our first weekend at a reader event with.  She introduced us to several writers as well as friends that we have continued to keep in contact with.   This being our first rodeo…Desiree made sure that we felt comfortable in the new environment as well as offered us some much needed advice about the writing industry and how to get started. 

During the ride to the hotel, our conversation centered on a book she was working on called Downstroke.  She hadn’t yet finished the story but it sounded fantastic.  And knowing her background, Desiree is the perfect person to write this wonderful story of country star, Dallas Creed and his long-lost love, Charley Roper. 

This will be Desiree’s 100th release and I hope that all of you will make sure that on April 8th, to order your copy of Downstroke!